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  • Sunshine Tiny Homes

    Tiny Homes create extra revenue. They are an excellent in-law solution and the perfect downsizer to help you with financial freedom!

    Sunshine Tiny Homes is a heart-centered company dedicated to creating functional, beautifully designed tiny homes.

    We provide our customers with a warm, friendly experience while choosing the personal touches to their tiny home.

    Sunshine Tiny Homes
    Sunshine Tiny Homes
    5-626 Shaw Toad
    Gibsons, BC V0N 1V8
  • West Coast Log Homes Ltd.

    Our log structures are so unique, that providing expanded expertise on the entire project not only allows us to maintain our level of excellence, but also guarantees that your finished home will be a true West Coast Log Home. We pride ourselves on the ability to create vision from dreams, and help our clients realize the full potential of their new home. Working closely with designers, architects and approved local contractors, we will oversee the construction of your home at every phase to help minimize costs, avoid delays and ensure that the finished result carries the stamp of our work.

    West Coast Log Homes Ltd.
    West Coast Log Homes Ltd.
    2230 Twin Creeks Rd
    Gibsons, BC V0N 1V0
    Phone: 604-886-4279
    Fax: 604 886 0409
  • TCD Development Group

    What is any development but ultimately a home to people or business? A place to live, to work, to thrive, to be proud of and of course - to enjoy. A community. An investment in today and for tomorrow. A valuable asset that will continue to grow in the years to come. No matter what we do we never lose sight of the people who will experience our developments. It is these people who drive us to constantly reach further, raising our bar so that we can provide them a lifestyle they deserve. We don’t simply develop properties, we help to enhance and build communities.

    TCD Development Group
    1754 West 3rd Ave
    Vancouver, BC V6J 1K4
  • LBD Lewis Building Designs Ltd.

    LBD Lewis Building Designs Ltd.
    Creating Homes Not Just Houses
    2836 Lower Rd
    Roberts Creek, BC V0N 2W4
    Phone: 604-764-2136

    LBD Lewis Building Designs Ltd.
  • Coast Community Builders Association

    The Coast Community Builders Association is a non-profit organization committed to the creation and support of balanced, well planned and sustainable communities on the Sunshine Coast, uniting people and companies dedicated to land development and construction - developers and contractors, trades, architects, designers and engineers, financial and real estate service providers, suppliers and manufacturers, decorators, landscapers and other interested members of the community.

    Coast Community Builders Association
    Coast Community Builders Association
    Sunshine Coast
    Sunshine Coast, BC V0N 3A0
    Phone: 604-989-2721

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