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Oct 31, 2015


The Chamber sits on key committees and task forces of the Town of Gibsons and the Sunshine Coast Regional District. We monitor issues that affect the business community and advocate with all levels of government. Our focus is economic development.

Following are some of the issues and projects that the Chamber is taking leadership in.
Agricultural Planning
The SCRD is currently working on an Agricultural Area Plan. Because the Gibsons Chamber views the development of our agricultural sector as an important opportunity for local economic development and also for the continued health of our communities, we are participating in this process. In February 2014, we sent in our response to the draft Plan, urging the SCRD to address market realities for local agriculture, and opportunities to create sustainable businesses that support families..
The Gibsons and District Chamber of Commerce has released a position paper on the BC Ferries 'engagement' process. Echoing comments from other ferry communities, we wish to see the full participation of all stakeholders, including the business community, in a meaningful consultation process.
The provincial government sets the terms of the contract under which BC Ferries operates, and it is the government's responsibility to ensure that citizens receive a reliable service at a price that is sustainable and equitable with other transportation infrastructure provided to other residents of the province.
We've prepared a PDF Summary of traffic on the Langdale route from 2006 to 2014.
Coastwide Economic Development
The Gibsons Chamber is the first point of contact for economic development inquiries in the Gibsons region. We sit on the Town of Gibsons Select Committee on Economic Development, and maintain the website Gibsons Chamber directors volunteer many hours to support economic development initiatives, and we are always looking for innovative opportunities for this community. More about Economic Development.
The Gibsons Chamber worked with the BC Chamber of Commerce to resolve serious concerns about new recycling regulations taking effect in May 2014, that would have imposed fees on ALL B.C. businesses (no matter how small) that produce packaging, flyers, or any other printed materials. We were very pleased to have exemptions put in place for small businesses. More information here.
Business Supporting Community
Chamber director Dean Walford wrote a series of columns for the Coast Reporter highlighting the vital role that local business plays in our community.
Visitor Information Park
The Gibsons Chamber built the new VIP at the top of the Langdale bypass. The VIP opened in September 2011, thanks to hard work on the part of Chamber volunteers and financial support from the community.
Community Shuttle Bus
During the summer of 2013, the Gibsons Chamber, in partnership with the Town of Gibsons and community sponsors, ran a community shuttle bus between the harbour area and the upper town. A local shuttle service has been identified as a high priority by residents and planners for over a decade. In September 2013, we wrote a Final Report on the pilot shuttle project.
Group Insurance Plan

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