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2021 AGM Highlights

View of Gibsons from Soames Hill

Thank you to all the business members and community supporters for joining us on June 18, 2021 for the Annual General Meeting reviewing the 2020 fiscal year. We want to give a special thanks to Dr. Jennifer Baxter and Dr. Ted Krickan of the Sunshine Coast COVID-19 Physician Task Force for joining us and bringing us up to date on the community’s efforts to control the Covid pandemic on the Sunshine Coast.


Highlights of the Doctor’s Comments

  • The medical community is impressed with the business community’s support throughout the pandemic.
  • There are currently zero cases of Covid on the Sunshine Coast. 
  • In the future, Covid will most likely be treated as a seasonal respiratory illness.
  • People can still choose to wear masks. Wear a mask when you are sick, wash your hands, and stay home if you are unwell.
  • The current vaccination rate in BC is 76%.
  • The Sunshine Coast’s larger population of those over 80 years of age has a vaccination rate of 93% for the first dose. 
  • Second doses are coming in July for older age groups.
  • There may be booster shots in the future – lots of study going into it
  • The fourth wave will be mental health. There is a need for mental health assistance as the reopening occurs. We need to support the community as needed. 
  • The column will continue in the Coast Reporter and they will do the best they can to keep the community informed. 

Winners of the AGM Draw 

We appreciate everyone who came to the AGM to support the Gibsons & District Chamber of Commerce. This year we are giving away three gift cards for dining out. The winners are: 

If you would like to discuss the full meeting minutes, or have questions about the AGM reviewing the 2020 fiscal year, you can contact us.