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Gibsons Landing businesses

What does the Gibsons & District of Chamber of Commerce do?

The Gibsons & District Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to promoting local business, coastal prosperity and taking a leadership role in issues affecting the business community.

Incorporated on March 27, 1946, we are a not-for-profit organization representing the Voice of the Business community, their interests and concerns. Through the Gibsons Chamber, members access benefits, partnerships, marketing, and networking opportunities.

Membership represents a business’ stake in an organization that is the Voice of Business in Gibsons & District and the Sunshine Coast. The Gibsons Chamber has the ability to effect positive change by advocating the interests of the local business community in discussions with all stakeholders, both inside and outside the region, and particularly with local, provincial and federal governments.

Chamber meeting

In addition, membership is the key that opens the door to a variety of valued programs that support business in Lowering Costs, Reducing Risks, Improving Profitability and Improving Competitiveness.

Programs include:  Chambers.ca Group Insurance Plan – Canada’s #1 Plan for over 35,000 businesses; Shaw Sabey (Spark); Commercial, Home & Property & Liability Insurance; Legal Shield – Legal Services at a discount; Fuel Savings; Hotel Discounts; Business Services; special incentives from other members, networking and professional training opportunities.  Savings that far exceed the cost of membership.

Most importantly, the Gibsons & District Chamber of Commerce advocates to Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments on behalf of its members to ensure that their concerns are being heard. The Gibsons & District Chamber of Commerce gives the business community a voice.

We place a strong emphasis on supporting the interests of small business; small businesses account for an estimated 98% of registered businesses in BC.

95% of these small businesses employ fewer than 20 people.


  • Exist to make the community a better place to live.
  • Provide an avenue for business people in the community to create a positive business environment.
  • Provide the local business community with the means to promote our community to the outside world-either for tourism or business.
  • Provide visitor services.
  • Work for sound legislation and efficient administration at the community and all levels of government.



The Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to the complicated process of advocating for our members. To do this, we bring information from our members to the outside world. This includes various levels of local, provincial and federal government as well as the British Columbia and Canadian Chambers of Commerce. Our local community associations partner with us to extend their reach and message as well as all to the entire Sunshine Coast.

We communicate the needs of our business members to:

  • Town of Gibsons
  • Sunshine Coast Chambers of Commerce
  • Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD)
  • Sunshine Coast Regional Economic Development Organization (SCREDO)
  • Sunshine Coast Tourism Association
  • 600+ subscribers to our Chamber News newsletter
  • 1200+ Facebook business page followers


The Chamber of Commerce functions as a resource that can directly help our members to manage their businesses. Some ways that we do this are through benefits that lower risk, lower costs, and improve competitive advantage, such as group insurance programs — health, commercial, liability, security. We communicate, promote and provide advertising opportunities. We have available office business service resources available for our members. In addition, the Chamber organizes training and information seminars as well as other networking opportunities. Our board room can be booked for community events.

The Chamber of Commerce manages the following programs that support and promote businesses on the Sunshine Coast:

  • Visitor Information Park – Gateway to the Sunshine Coast
  • Tourism Information Services Summer Kiosk Booth
  • BC Ferries – Route 3 On-Board Travel Ambassadors Program


The Chamber of Commerce is committed to bringing timely, relevant information to our membership from the outside world. This includes information from all levels of government (municipal, regional) as well as the British Columbia and Canadian Chambers of Commerce. It also includes general business news and happenings.

We communicate with our members through:

  • Our Website & Directory Listings
  • Chamber News – newsletters
  • Social media – Facebook, Instagram, You Tube
  • Events calendar
  • Direct emails to members

Please give us a call to see what we can do for you. 604 886-2325