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Visitor Information Park


The Visitor Information Park is located at 1177/1167 Stewart Road, Gibsons (Wayfinding Map Area) at the top of the Sunshine Coast Highway 101 bypass up from Langdale Ferry Terminal.

During summer, traffic counts on the bypass were approx. 17,000 vehicles per day. This area in Gibsons is the gateway to the entire Sunshine Coast (from Port Mellon to Lund), and had long been identified as a missed opportunity to welcome and orient visitors to Gibsons Landing (harbour) and entire Sunshine Coast region. In 2010, a way-finding map erected by the Chamber in 2006 blew down in a wind storm, bringing new urgency to the situation.

We launched a campaign for a Visitor Information Park in October 2010, and began raising funds. Government sponsors included the Island Coastal Economic Trust, Town of Gibsons, District of Sechelt, Sunshine Coast Regional District, Powell River Regional District, shíshálh Nation, and many Sunshine Coast Businesses and Community Organizations.

Community volunteers contributed approximately 650 hours of work, and 52 local businesses donated money or goods and services in kind. Total project costs were over $260,000, of which approx. $110,000 was donated.

The Gibsons & District Chamber of Commerce is grateful to all the VIP Sponsors who made this project possible.


The Visitor Information Park opened officially in September, 2011. Visitors can now pull in to view large maps of all the communities on the Sunshine Coast — from Langdale to Powell River.

Visitor Information Park Flowers

Available is information about local attractions, points of interests, special events and advertising from local businesses. The park includes landscaping maintained by Elphinstone Property Care Ltd., public portapotties maintained by Bonniebrook Industries Ltd., solar lights, doggie bags and a rest stop. The pull-out was designed to be accessible for the mobility impaired.

Visitor Information Kiosk

During the peak tourism season on the Sunshine Coast (July & August) we have a mobile Visitor’s Kiosk where a trained visitor adviser is available daily during peak ferry times to provide information and recommendations for Gibsons Landing and the entire Sunshine Coast.

Visitor Information Kiosk

The Visitor Information Kiosk was constructed by Click Homes with stairs by HL Enterprises and Solar Power by APS.

In the prime-time tourism period of June through August we saw an average of 1,800 cars per day (between 9 am & 4 pm), 54,000 cars per month, and 165,000 for the summer period pass by the Visitor Information Park in 3 months! Our kiosk engaged with many of these visitors who not only came to enjoy the sights and amenities of the Sunshine Coast, but also those who were doing the “Circle Route” to Powell River and Vancouver Island.

Information and guidance for visitors is also supported by Sunshine Coast Travel Ambassadors on the Route 3 BC Ferry (Horseshoe Bay to Langdale Ferry) who engaged with up to 20,000 inquiries made by visitors and residents during the 40-minute ferry sailing.   The Travel Ambassadors are a good starting point to gain information and directions about Gibsons Landing and the Sunshine Coast; for roads, scenic locations, area attractions and advertising for key services and businesses in Gibsons and on the whole Sunshine Coast.

The Kiosk staff also direct visitors to the regional Visitor Information Centres located in Gibsons, Sechelt and Pender Harbour, where they can find more detailed material and accommodation information.

The mobile kiosk program is administered by the Gibsons & District Chamber of Commerce with financial support from Town of Gibsons, Sunshine Coast Regional District and the Canada Summer Jobs program.


The Gibsons & District Chamber of Commerce offers advertising panels at the Visitor Information Park (VIP). For more information, contact the Chamber’s Executive Director at 604-886-2325 or

Current Advertisers Include:


The grassy area on the north side of the signs is available for rent to groups wishing to use as staging area, promote a product, event or activity. Call the Chamber at 604-886-2325.


The GDCC is grateful to all the VIP Sponsors who made this project possible.