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Merger Success!

Merger Meeting

The votes are in, and the message is loud and clear. All three Chambers have voted to merge into the Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce!

Thank you to all the members who helped achieve necessary quorum at the meeting. Also, much appreciation to the many members who, while not able to be in person at the meeting, sent us their resounding vote of YES in support of the merger.

The next step in this process is to renew your membership with your current Chamber of Commerce in the coming weeks. The Gibsons & District Chamber will have NO FEE INCREASE for 2024.

When the official name changes to the Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce, your current membership will transition with no interruption.

We will continue to update you here, in the Chamber News Newsletter with the progress of amalgamating three offices, websites, financial systems, communication systems, as well as FAQ’s and more.

Congratulations to the winners of the gift card draw at the Gibsons meeting!