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New Phase of Merger

The Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce merger entered into a new phase on November 9th, following members’ unanimous vote of support to move forward with forming one combined Chamber of Commerce serving our region.

The Chamber merger task force has submitted its application to incorporate as a new entity, along with its request for endorsement from the BC Chamber of Commerce, which is required.

As with all significant change initiatives, diving further into the details around financial, human resources, and operational integration requirements unveiled a few new realities requiring follow-up and fair negotiation.

The task force adjusted its target date to dissolve all three Chambers of Commerce to March 31, 2024, instead of December 31, 2023.

Your 2024 membership renewal process is the same as in previous years, and fees will be deposited into your respective Chamber of Commerce until the Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce is set up with new bank accounts and can amalgamate member revenue.

Member updates on the merger progress will be shared monthly. Watch for February’s news update as we unveil a Founding Members program, with opportunities for small business owners to play a key role in raising start-up capital for the new entity.