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February Interim Board Report on the Merger

We’ve reached our first milestone since the merger vote!

On January 11th, the Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce Society was officially incorporated under the BC Non-Profit Societies Act, with full endorsement and a congratulatory message from the BC Chamber of Commerce. Several provincial Chambers of Commerce organizations are considering amalgamation. They have reached out to learn how we did it, lessons learned along the way (there were many) and due diligence required.

Pender Harbour & Egmont Chamber held its final Annual General meeting on January 11th, and Sechelt Chamber is scheduled for March 12th at Blue Ocean Golf Course. There is immense history within the individual chambers, which started as local trade organizations in 1946. Historical records and photographs will be archived as local treasures and records of our past.

Thanks to business owners for timely renewal of 2024 membership dues, which remain at 2023 rates. Members are asked to renew their membership for the fiscal year 2024 with their primary Chamber of Commerce until March 31st. There is no longer a requirement to hold more than one membership on the Sunshine Coast.

The interim Board will soon be recruiting its founding Board of Directors, who are expected to take over by the end of May as part of the inaugural Annual General Meeting. It will be an exciting time for new directors, as they can set the vision and strategic plan for the Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce. The interim Board intends to develop a strong, unified foundational base for the next generation of local business leaders to build upon.

Finally, the Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce requires one-time start-up capital to help with first-year operations. This includes branding, member engagement, new program development, board recruitment, policy development, inaugural Annual General meeting celebrations, and a robust Board strategic planning exercise. Reach out to Ed Pednaud at for more information on the Founding members program.

February Interim Board Report PDF Version