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Founding Sponsors Program

As we begin operational and financial integration between the existing Chambers of Commerce on the Sunshine Coast, the interim Board of Directors is moving into the next amalgamation phase. Our goal is to ensure a strong foundation for governance and operations is in place by the time we hand over the reins to a new Board of Directors in May.

Through first-year operations, there are one-time costs to be considered. Instead of transferring these expenses to membership fees, we invite current and new members to invest in our Founding Sponsors program.

Funds raised during this promotional campaign will provide start-up funds, help us grow our membership and ensure we build our new Sunshine Coast Chamber on a solid foundation. Some one-time expenses include website development, logo and branding, member program development, and a desire to hold a comprehensive strategic planning exercise with the incoming Board of Directors.

This limited-time offer is designed as a win-win for small businesses on the Sunshine Coast. Members who sign on will be recognized and celebrated for stepping up during an exciting time for the Chamber of Commerce and will receive valuable savings and marketing benefits.

Thank you for considering this sponsorship opportunity on behalf of the Sunshine Coast Chamber of Commerce interim Board of Directors.

Details of the Founding Sponsors Program